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Presidents Pahor and Mattarella will visit Nova Gorica and Gorizia together

rOME, 14. 4. 2021 | press release

At the invitation of Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic, Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia, is currently on a visit to Rome. The meeting of presidents Pahor and Mattarella marks the continuation of a regular dialogue which the presidents of the neighbouring and friendly countries have maintained during the epidemic. President Pahor was President Mattarella’s first guest in 2021.

In their joint press release, the presidents announced that, together in the autumn, they plan to visit Nova Gorica and Gorizia, which as "two Gorizias and one city" showcase a marvellous and borderless story of the 2025 European Capital of Culture. They confirmed their joint sponsorship of the project, as they believe that it reaches far beyond the limitations imposed by regional boundaries. The very essence of the project is European and should be considered a model of co-existence and cooperation.

Presidents Pahor and Mattarella will visit Nova Gorica and Gorizia together
Photo: Quirinale

In his statement for the Slovenian media, President Pahor assessed the meeting as very beneficial. "We’ve made decisions that will have a positive impact on the relations between Italy and Slovenia," said President Pahor. He and President Mattarella are striving for the prompt completion of the return process of the National Hall in Trieste to the Slovenian national community, if possible, by the end of July, which would be one year after completing the agreement on 13 July 2020 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the burning of the National Hall by Italian fascists.

The presidents also dedicated their attention to the issue of political representation of the Slovenian national community in the Italian Parliament after the decision had been made to significantly reduce the number of MPs and senators.

According to President Pahor, President Mattarella expressed his readiness to carefully monitor the discussion regarding the Slovenian representation remaining in the Italian Parliament.

Presidents Pahor and Mattarella also discussed the challenges facing the European Union and spoke in favour of overcoming differences rather than deepening them.

President Pahor visited the Italian Society for International Organisation (SIOI) yesterday and met Franco Frattini, President of the Society, and former Vice-President of the European Commission and former Italian Foreign Minister. The discussion partners talked about the current topics regarding international relations with an emphasis on the developments in the Mediterranean, the European perspective for the Western Balkans and the EU’s external relations. They exchanged their views on dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic at the national and European levels.

On the occasion of his visit to Rome, President Pahor also held talks with the representatives of the Italian media.

Presidents Pahor and Mattarella will visit Nova Gorica and Gorizia together
Photo: Qirinale