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Slovenian President opens the Slovenian–Slovak business forum

Bratislava, 22. 7. 2020 | press release, speech

Slovenian President Borut Pahor and President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová today opened the Slovenian–Slovak business forum. Presidents Pahor and Čaputová agree that Europe’s future must be green and sustainable. Both presidents confirmed their support for the Green Agenda by opening a Slovenian–Slovak business forum focused on green technologies and innovations, with the participation of a total of 34 Slovenian and Slovak companies and institutions.

In his address at the opening of the business conference, President Pahor expressed his satisfaction with the economic part of the forum, which is focused on green technologies and innovations. Mr Pahor expressed his personal commitment in the fight against climate change. He went on to emphasise that in order to strengthen economic cooperation after months marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, we must act sustainably and enhance our efforts to find new opportunities for cooperation. He noted that Slovenia and Slovakia are partners and allies and added that these two countries are two of the most integrated members of the European Union: "In both countries we are proud of the excellent bilateral relations, of the numerous interpersonal contacts and of the excellent economic cooperation." He also assessed that, despite the stable trade, there were still many untapped opportunities for further improvement of the economic cooperation between the two countries.

President Pahor believes that tackling climate and environmental challenges is the most important task of this generation. The transition to a low carbon circular economy is one of the essential instruments for the sustainable use of natural resources and for the reduction of emissions.

Presidents Pahor and Čaputová are connected by a passionate commitment to a sustainable climate policy, both believing that a green European orientation must be maintained even during the economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of his official visit, President Pahor had met with representatives of Slovenian companies in the morning, since he was accompanied by a strong economic delegation. During an informal discussion, President Pahor was acquainted with the business representatives informing him that this represents an exceptional opportunity for Slovenian companies.

Slovenian President opens the Slovenian–Slovak business forum
Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA

The speech of the President of the Republic at the Slovenian–Slovak business forum is below. The spoken word applies!

"Dear President, Dear Ms Čaputova
Ministers, Distinguished Business Representatives,
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my great pleasure to be able to address you at this business forum, which is part of my official visit to Slovakia. Today, I have had a long and very friendly discussion with my friend, President Čaputova on many issues of common interest, but mainly on European future, for which - we both believe - should be green and sustainable.

Slovenia and Slovakia are partners and allies. We both belong to the most integrated members of the European Union. We are proud of excellent bilateral relations, many people–to–people contacts, and very good economic cooperation. Our two countries are like-minded business partners.

The growth in trade exchange has been steady, last year it amounted to 1.15 billion EUR. Slovakian companies are investing in Slovenia twice as much of what Slovenian companies invest in Slovakia. More and more tourists from Slovakia are coming to Slovenia, and vice-versa.
Despite all of that, there are huge potentials for further improvement of our economic cooperation.

The main challenge that we all share in post-covid time, is have to revive our economies, and how to do that in environment-friendly way.

The European Union has decided to go green. I personally am deeply committed to fighting climate change. We cannot successfully do that with traditional approach. We need to go sustainable. And we need to invest more effort and find new partners.

That is why I am extremely satisfied that we are here today - opening business forum on green technologies and innovations.

Today’s business forum focuses on circular economy, smart technologies to foster smart communities, automotive industries focusing on e-mobility, and artificial intelligence.

I firmly believe that today’s business will open the doors for even closer cooperation.
I wish you a successful work."