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President Pahor attends the presentation of the monograph about painter Zoran Mušič

Ljubljana, 16. 1. 2013 | press release

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, attended the ceremony at the presentation of the monograph about the painter Zoran Mušič, entitled Videnja (Visions).

As he said in his address after the presentation, he was well aware of the findings of the authors of the monograph – namely that Slovenian politics is indebted towards the great artist and that the debt must be settled. He attempts this both at the public and at the personal levels, especially by keeping in close contact with Ms Ida Cadorin Barbarigo, the painter's widow, who granted him the immense privilege of visiting the painter's studio and personal archive. They contain extremely valuable works and materials that will have to be explored and evaluated by Slovenian art historians, so the president invited the experts to undertake this project as soon as possible, while he will make an effort to obtain authorisation for this from Ms Cadorin Barbarigo.

When stressing the artistic value of Zoran Mušič, President Pahor mentioned the immensely important role played by the painter in the course of efforts for the international recognition of Slovenia’s independence, when he exerted the decisive influence on the then French president Mitterand and thus significantly contributed to France’s recognition of Slovenia's independence.