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Message from the President of the Republic of Slovenia on the occasion of Europe Day

Ljubljana, 9. 5. 2020 | press release, speech

With his message on the occasion of Europe Day on 9 May, president Pahor joins the celebration of Europe with the wish for a more connected, efficient and united Europe after the crisis.

"More Europe, more solidarity" (Check against delivery!)

"Your Majesties,
Dear Presidents,
Fellow European citizens,

All of us who believe in the irreplaceable role of the European Union for peace and security,

all of us, who believe in efforts to ensure the well-being of all Europeans, in democracy, in human rights, the rule of law, freedom of the press,

all of us who believe in the beautiful diversity and coexistence of our national and other identities


all of us who believe in Europe as a global leader,

we all celebrate 9 May, Europe Day, as our special day.

Dear European friends,

For almost three quarters of a century, a united Europe, the European Union, has succeeded in maintaining peace and security for all its countries and nations.

Throughout this time, the development of the European Union has been accompanied by growing expectations for its achievements. I personally believe these to be phenomenal. However, the standstills and the EU’s powerlessness, for example during the migration crisis and the beginning of the pandemic, cannot be ignored.

This could lead to the wrong conclusion that we do not need the European Union other than for maintaining peace. That is a grave and dangerous misconception. Never before have we needed one another more than right now and in these global circumstances.
That is why I am saying: Europe should not go back; it needs to go forward. European Union is not a problem; EU is a solution.

In this sense, my address to nations of European family in our beautiful 23 languages was a sincere message about our belief that we need more solidarity and therefore more Europe. Our message on Europe Day is therefore more Europe, more solidarity.

Wishing that the European Union finds the drive for a new renaissance in these trying times, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere hope that we have a bright and successful future before us."