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Representatives of the Constitutional Court visit Slovenian President

Ljubljana, 18. 1. 2013 | press release

At the initiative of the Slovenian Constitutional Court, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, today received its representatives for a courtesy and working meeting.

The President of the Constitutional Court, Ernest Petrič, acquainted the Slovenian President with the functioning of his institution. They agreed that in addition to his participation at the ceremony on the occasion of Constitution Day, the Slovenian President will annually meet with the judges of the Constitutional Court.
Representatives of the Constitutional Court visit Slovenian President
Photo: Stanko Gruden/STA

The participants of the meeting also touched on national topical issues. They expressed their shared belief that in the current situation, a consistent respect for all national institutions and the rule of law and the enhancement of trust in these institutions are particularly important and highly necessary. A critical review of the functioning of all institutions, including those of the judiciary, is legitimate and also proper. However, in a democratic society, such a review becomes inadmissible if it escalates into threats and pressures. The Constitutional Court representatives pointed out that, irrespective of potential pressures, its judges will continue to adjudicate independently and solely on the basis of the Constitution and relevant laws, which is in compliance with their oath taken upon assuming office.

In respect of the relevance of changing the referendum rules, the participants of the meeting stressed the significance of the amendments to the Constitution, which should nevertheless preserve the rules ensuring a high level of democratic decision-making, including the possibility of holding national referenda.